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Gila Community College
Faculty & Staff
Gila Pueblo Campus 928-425-8481 Extension E-Mail Address
Stephen Cullen Senior Dean 111
Patricia Burke Globe & San Carlos Campus Dean / Advisor 122
Susan Gallo Fiscal Officer/Office Manager 118
Lisa Nye Administrative Assistant 127
Andrea Renon Supervisor, Records/Registration & ADA Coordinator 115
Mary Louise Rhinehart Student Services / Financial Aid 112
Ronald Carnahan IT Project Coordinator 119
Trena Grantham Public Relations Coordinator 120
Derryl Meeks General Maintenance Foreman  121
Norma Rios Librarian / Advisor 116
Patrice Ballard Nursing Instructor / Advisor 123
Patti Bocardo Cosmetology Instructor  165
Anjanette Bolinger Allied Health Instructor / Advisor 129
Alex Brothers Nursing Instructor / Advisor 128
Aaron Burk Biology Instructor / Advisor 138
Robert Lautigar Mathematic Instructor / Advisor 134
Everett York English/History Instructor / Advisor 117
Selma Williams Wellness Center Coordinator / Advisor 928-425-0510
Steve Burke SBDC Director
Beata Tarasiuk CVIT Executive Director 928-425-9654
Payson Campus 928-468-8039 Extension E-Mail Address
Pamela Butterfield Campus Dean / Advisor 25
Robin Adcock Student Services 23
Gloria Levesque Fiscal Officer 26
Vicki Van Camp Financial Aid 22
LQ Harris III IT Services 36
Richard Levesque Maintenance Technician
Alan Nunley Wellness Center Coordinator 31
James Quinlan English Instructor / Advisor 33
Joseph Shannon Biology Instructor / Advisor 35
Pamela Wendall Nursing Instructor / Advisor 34
San Carlos Campus 928-475-5981   E-Mail Address
Marcella James Campus Coordinator / Financial Aid / Advisor
Denise Grimes-Kenton Student Services
Neil Mitchell Mathematic Instructor / Advisor

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