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"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change.
Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding."

~ William Arthur Ward

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Gila Pueblo Campus

Name Title Email
Dr. Stephen Cullen District Senior Dean
Patricia Burke Dean Gila Pueblo
Susan Gallo District Finance Coordinator/Office Manager
Ron Carnahan District IT Coordinator
Leitha Griffin District Marketing/Community Relations
Derryl Meeks District Maintenance Supervisor
Andrea Renon District Records and Registration Supervisor
Mary Louise Rhinehart Assistant, Financial Aid
Greg Baer Custodial/Maintenance
George Salinas Grounds Foreman
Selma WIlliams Facilitator Wellness Center
Dawn Polkabla Allied Health Associate Professor
Megan Martinez Allied Health Associate Professor
Tanya McKenzie Allied Health Associate Professor
Todd Terhufen Biology Associate Professor
Karen Hunter Cosmetology Associate Professor
Everett York English Associate Professor
Robert Lautigar Mathematics Associate Professor
Neil Mitchell Mathematics/History Associate Professor
Patrice Ballard Nursing Associate Professor
Christie Valtierra Instructional Support

Payson Campus

Name Title Email
Pam Butterfield Dean
Ann Knights Administration Office Supervisor
Vicki Van Camp Assistant
Del Dupree Fiscal Services
LQ Harris III Software Support Specialist
Jeff Maifield Maintenance Technician
Cameron Mower Biology Associate Professor
Cheryl Ritch Cosmetology Associate Professor
James Quinlan English Professor
Ty Jones Nursing Associate Professor
Alison Nordquist Mathematics Associate Professor
Heather Perry Allied Health Associate Professor



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