Gila Community College

Faculty and Staff

Gila Pueblo Campus

Name Title Email Phone
Phil McBride, Ph.D. Dean of Instruction Senior Dean, Gila County (928) 428-8404
Andrea Renon Associate Director EAC Gila Pueblo Campus 928.425.8481 ext 115
Ron Carnahan Coordinator I - Gila County 928.473.1111
Leitha Griffin Marketing/Administration 928.473.1211
Derryl Meeks Assistant Director 928.473.1167
Greg Baer Maintenance Technician 928.425.8481
George Salinas Groundskeeper 928.425.8481
Naomi Urquidez Assistant I-Student Services 928.425.8481
Makayla Hampton Assistant I-Student Services 928.425.8481 ext 110
Coleen Stevens Administrative Assistant/Fiscal 928.425.8481 ext 118
Selma Williams Wellness Manager 928.425.8481 ext 130
Sara Brewer Associate Professor, Cosmetology 928.425.8849
Alison Zache Associate Professor, Cosmetology 928.425.8849
Megan Martinez Associate Professor, Nursing 928.793.3500
Anjanette Bolinger Associate Professor,Nursing 928.793.3062
Todd Terhufen Associate Professor, Biology 928.793.3555
Everett York Associate Professor, English 928.793.4061
Jennifer Carlson Associate Professor, Allied Health 928.793.3165
Donna Nelson Associate Professor, Dental 928.793.3513

Payson Campus

Name Title Email Phone
Phil McBride, Ph.D. Dean of Instruction Senior Dean, Gila County (928) 428-8404
Ann Knights Associate Director, EAC Payson Campus 928.468.8039 ext 227
Lori Dobos Administrative Assistant 928.468.8039 ext 222
Sarah Owens Records & Registration 928.468.8039 ext 223
Veronica Volk Records & Registration 928.468.8039 ext 225
Savannah Carpino Fiscal Control 928.468.8039 ext 226
LQ Harris III Software Technician 928.468.8039 ext 236
Jeff Maifield Maintenance Technician 928.468.8039 ext 240
Randy Dalgai Custodian 928.468.8039 ext 242
Kimberly Wright PhD Associate Professor, Biology 928.363.4064
Melanie Russell PhD Professor, English 928.363.4062
Scott Russell DBA Professor, Business 928.363.4063
Rebekah Cheney Associate Professor, Cosmetology 928.363.4065
Ty Jones Associate Professor, Nursing 928.363.4069
Alayna Barr Associate Professor, Nursing 928.363.4061
Alison Nordquist Associate Professor, Mathematics 928.363.4068
Heather Perry Associate Professor, Allied Health 928.363.4067


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