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Scholarship Search Engines

Excellent sources are available on the Internet. If you want to access these systems please click:


In their efforts to offer excellent web tools, Chela Financial Services has partnered with Peterson to provide ScholarSearch (Peterson is a leading producer of college guides.) It has access to over $4 billion in scholarships and is only accessible on the Chela website by creating a MyChela account. The students create a profile and then the database matches them to scholarships as new ones are listed or as due dates approach. Many of Chela's school partners have given them great feedback on how Chela's tools add value for their students. Please have a look for yourself at:

Scam Alert

Students and parents are often in desperate need of financial resources to help pay for college, making them likely targets for scholarship scams. A wave of advertising has swept the nation and even the local area with offers to find scholarships . . . for a fee. Some of these companies are legitimate, but many are rip-offs. A few things to keep in mind are:

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