Gila Community College

Mission and Vision


Gila County Provisional Community College (GCPCCD) is an exemplary provider of post-secondary education and workforce training.



We adhere to the philosophy that education thrives in a community bound by moral and ethical values and devotion to lifelong learning. We accept the responsibility to respond to the needs of the people in our communities who desire to fulfill their potential in life. Therefore, we operate on the basis of openness and trust, to nurture an environment where all can be heard.

We commit to living according to the following basic values that are vital to maintaining the integrity and vitality of our community of learners.

Value Education

We value lifelong learning opportunities that respond to the needs of our communities and are accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality.

Value Students

We value students as the primary reason we exist. We respect their diverse life experiences, value their achievements, and appreciate their contributions to our learning community.

Value Employees

We value all our residential faculty, adjunct faculty, administration, professional support staff, crafts, and maintenance and operations personnel, respect their diverse life experiences, appreciate their contributions to our learning community, and encourage their individual professional development.

Value Excellence

We invite innovation, support creative problem-solving, and encourage risk-taking. We value teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration as a part of our continuous improvement efforts.

Value Diversity

We celebrate the diversity of our communities and pledge to promote and recognize the strengths as reflected in our employees and students. We believe no one is more important than another, each is important in a unique way, and we depend on each other to accomplish our mission.

Value Honesty and Integrity

We believe academic and personal honesty and integrity are essential elements in our learning environment. Employees and students must speak and act truthfully.

Value Freedom

To foster our learning environment, we respect individual rights and the privacy of our employees and students, and encourage dialogue and the free exchange of views.

Value Fairness

We advocate fairness and just treatment for all students and employees.

Value Responsibility

We believe employees are accountable for their personal and professional actions as they carry out their assignments. We are all responsible for making our learning experiences significant and meaningful. We are accountable to our communities for the efficient and effective use of resources.

Value Public Trust

We honor the trust placed in us by the community to prepare our students for their role as productive world citizens.


Non-Discrimination Policy:  Gila County Community College District and Graham County Community College District do not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in, its programs and activities on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin, sex, disability, or age. Its programs are approved for veterans benefits. For more information, contact the GCCCP District EEO/ADA Coordinator: (800) 678-3808, ext. 8915; fax (928) 428-2578; EAC, 615 N. Stadium Ave., Thatcher, AZ 85552-0769; or at the EAC Student Services Building in Thatcher.

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